Places To Avoid When Buying Silver

If you are trying to find where to buy silver, you probably want to know where you shouldn’t buy it first and foremost. This is really good information because it’s going to tell you exactly the places that you need to stay away from if you ever plan to purchase silver anytime soon. So look this information over closely because it’s a definite guidepost that will point you in the right direction by steering you away from the wrong direction. So let’s take a look at places you need to avoid at all costs.

The one place you should never buy silver is through somebody who is selling it on craigslist. I know you are going to be able to find a lot of cool deals on all kinds of items on this website, but silver is not one of them. You run the risk of buying phony silver products, and since you’re buying it through somebody you don’t know that you randomly found online, you have no protection at all and you’ll be stuck with a phony product that isn’t worth anything if you happen to get burned.

The same thing pretty much holds true with eBay. I know eBay has some kind of buyer protections in place, but what if you don’t find out that your silver is fake until many years later? Then you’re going to end up buying a silver product that has absolutely no value, and after all those years eBay isn’t going to protect you any longer because they will tell you that you should’ve figured it out a long time ago.

The last type of place I’d like to mention is you should avoid buying your silver “off the back of a truck”. Any of these shifty deals that people often talk about where they say they got an awesome bargain usually turns out that the people get ripped off. Don’t fall victim to this mentality because you’re only going to end up buying fake silver that’s completely worthless.

These are all places you should avoid when looking for where to buy silver. I really hope you take this advice because I don’t want to hear that you got ripped off now that you know that there are a lot of different scams out there.

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